Igniting B2B Sales Growth

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GetPropulsion creates and executes custom sales growth engines for SaaS and Services companies targeting Enterprise and Mid-Market accounts

Our outsourced services and build-with-you offerings are pragmatically designed to deliver targeted B2B sales growth effectively and efficiently

Sales Growth Engine Offerings

  • Outsourced Outbound Sales Development

  • Sales Go to Market & Acceleration (GTMstrat)

  • 401KConcierge (for Financial Advisors)



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We’ll co-build your company’s unique Sales Go To Market plan, Sales Processes and Tool Book and Outbound Sales Engine with you and your team:

  • Sales & Customer Success Go To Market/Playbook

  • Buyer Personas for Salespeople (Ideal Customer Profiles)

  • Target Account Lists

  • USPs by Persona

  • Message Customization by Persona, Company, Role and Contact

  • Pitch Deck Structure & Components

  • Proposal Structure & Components

  • Email Scripts

  • Call Scripts

  • Sales Cycle/Stage Identification with Performance Actuals and Targets

  • “Stuck” Stage: Advancing the Sale Best Practices & Workshops

  • Pipeline and Forecast Building

  • “For Now” CRMs

  • Sales & Customer Success Structure & Roles

  • Sales & Customer Success Comp Plans

  • Sales & Customer Success Documented Processes

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               Outbound Sales Development

From creating the target account, prospect and contact lists to researching account pre-qualification, developing messaging at the persona or contact level to booking and confirming the 1st meeting (Discovery call) plus a pre-call planning brief hand off to your designated sellers, we’ll take care of the hardest part of selling for you.

  • Targeted Account List and Contacts Development w/ Pre-Qualification

  • Outbound Sales Email Cadences with 1:1 Value to Client-Approved Prospect Lists

  • Outbound Phone Call Follow Up

  • Booked 1st Meetings (Discovery Calls via Video Chat/Conference)

  • Calendared Meeting Invites with Meeting Agendas to Prospects and Sellers

  • Pre-Call Planning Briefs with Sellers to Prep and Coach to Advance the Sale for Qualified Opportunities

  • Rebooking of Cancelled Meetings

  • Tracking of Conversion to Qualified Opportunities and Pipeline Value

  • Tracking of Targets, Tactics and Tools that Scaled Best Opportunities

  • Delivery of Non Opt-Out List Information for Nurturing



We don’t advise.  We execute.

SaaS Startup best practices playbooks have proliferated… and yet somehow sales results have hit a wall, declining without more headcount and resources.  They may have been efficient, but are no longer effective.

Professional and Managed Services firms grow by buying up other firms, adding new partners/producers or client referral.  That may be effective, but lacks efficient organic growth.

And then there’s the need for “traction” or a pivot to Enterprise to hit investor or board growth targets…

We blend seasoned Enterprise strategic selling strategies with the tools and tactics of fast-growing SaaS startups, fitting each to the specific, very real challenges and sales growth needs of each client.  We ignite sales and keep the engines burning with practical sales and customer success solutions that succeed given your current talent, growth stage, goals and resources.





Practice Lead,
Sales Go to Market & Acceleration (GTMstrat)

Colleen built foundational enterprise sales skills at Xerox before successfully leading sales and customer success teams in MarTech to revenue growth wins of $28M to $200M at PR Newswire (acquired by Cision) and $700K to $40M at Kontera (acquired by Amobee/Singtel).  She founded GTMstrat in 2015 recognizing that SaaS and Services companies were hiring and swapping out CRO/VP Sales & CS roles every six months in failed attempts to scale growth via “magic hires.”

Colleen’s worked alongside CEOs and Heads of Sales and/or Customer Success and their teams to co-develop the strategy, tactics and just enough process to deliver scaled, profitable revenue that sticks.  She’s expanded her MarTech foundation to Content Intelligence, Data, Cyber Security, B2B Media, Software/Hardware and FinTech startups and new product launches.



Practice Lead, 

Outbound Sales Development and 401K Concierge

Stephen’s been singularly focused on revenue growth via a disciplined activities approach since his top-of-the-leaderboard winning sales roles at Wired and Business 2.0 media. He transferred that discipline to exponential revenue results at VideoEgg (now Say:Media) and four other startups (three acquisitions).

Stephen loves the challenge of breaking open new doors and building B2B pipeline in all industries, and for Financial Services companies especially.  Every time he hears “it doesn’t work that way in our business,” he loves proving them wrong. In almost every case we’ve become the highest contributor to well-qualified new business pipeline. He’s leveraged our Outbound Account-Based Sales Development system successfully in Media, FinTech, Software and Data too.



Sales Enablement/Sales Ops

Darren’s prior positions in hedge fund operations made him a natural to provide our clients deep analysis of what’s happening inside their sales teams’ performance, forecasts, sales stage and cycle metrics and customer insights.  He works with Sales Leaders and SalesOps to build starting team CRMs, predictable revenue models and sales performance reporting. He also leads prospect and target account development and sales optimization for our Outsourced Sales Development and 401K Concierge services.



Outbound Sales Development Implementation Partner

Chris joined us from, where he was their first enterprise level Sales Development Rep (SDR) following sales and tech roles in auto and as a linguist in the US Army. He’s the first-SDR-role for SalesTech startups and for our clients in Financial Services, FinTech, MarTech and Media that don’t yet have their Outbound Sales/Business Development playbook down. In fact, it’s from what Chris tests, pivots and finds that works that proven processes are created and introduced to a less experienced or new SDR team.

Chris is a principal consultant in a network of freelance software implementers that help scale new Outreach clients and often times help manage and optimize their outbound efforts.




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