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Salesmanship and how Technology is Killing it.

Someplace along the way in trying to scale B2B Enterprise sales, we’ve gotten lost. We have somehow convinced ourselves that quantity is more important that quality.

Makes sense, right? Sales, so they say, is a numbers game. The more you reach out, the more response you will get. Turns out though, that axiom might be wrong. I think I know where we lost our way, and the answer, oddly, is “efficiency.”  Sales development technology has made sellers lazy.

Over the past several months, I have been inundated with emails that are vaguely disguised as sales pitches. Clearly they are automated, and clearly they have done no research whatsoever on me, or my company before reaching out. Yes, they are personalized, “Dear Stephen”, but no, they are not customized and that’s the problem. NO, I am not interested in building a mobile app! Do I look like a mobile app developer?

With all the modern day tools at our disposal (like Outreach, for example) , we have all just gotten way too lazy. It’s time to get back to basics. Do a little bit of homework before you reach out. Show me that you have thought about my business and (in 3 sentences or less), show me how you can help my specific business need. HEREare some other great tips for prospecting.

Don’t try to sell me your stuff on email. Tell me enough to get me interested in taking a call or scheduling a meeting.  I just hope the person who sent me the cold outreach about developing my non-existent mobile app is reading this.

If I don’t answer you the first time, of course, feel free to follow up -- even via a pre-scheduled cadenced email program.  Do it smartly and strategically. As you start that process, know that people respect hard work. They know when you have done your homework.  And if there is an opportunity to work together, they will reward those that have put in a little bit of elbow grease.

To be successful, here are few rules to follow:

There is no substitute for doing your homework. Is it time consuming? Yes. Can it be difficult? No.  Google and tools like Kemvi make it easier.  Spend 5 mins reads about the current business status and challenges of the company you are targeting. 

Customize your message accordingly.  The payoff will be double or triple the response rates.  And you can still use your outbound email tools to include this.

Do your best to reach out to the right person. Sometimes you’ll be wrong, and that’s OK. If you’ve written something thoughtful, I am sure that hard work will be recognized and they will point you in the right direction. No more wasting your time chasing those that can’t buy. Either way, you win.

If someone tells you they won’t be making a purchase till the fall, for goodness sake, call them at the end of summer. Confirm they are still on the path to making a purchase and ask them how you can help.

Together, I am sure we can find real “efficiency” that’s, more importantly, “effective” between the best uses of technology and smart, strategic selling.

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